Geoffrey has been interested in Politics since his child hood. His Grandparents came from opposite sides of the Political spectrum, one being staunch Labour and a Union man having been involved in the Coal Mining industry and the other an ardent Tory. This stimulated muchCIMG2165-250 Political debate in the Boot household and an early appreciation that there are two sides to every argument.

In his earlier years in the UK he served on various Councils in Kent latterly as a Chairman and Mayor. His broad sweep of the Political spectrum has resulted in attendance at various UK Party Conferences Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats.

img070-250Through his business and Political connections he has developed fairly high level contacts within the UK Political frame work and been involved in lobbying at Manx, UK and International level, as well as drafting and amending legislation and regulation proposals. He freely admits that in terms of Europe he is in the Euro-sceptic Camp and feels that the UK Government and Europe have far too much influence over the Isle of Man Policy.  His view is that we are always told we are not members of the EU, but inevitably end up bringing in most of their regulation without any European representation or benefits.