Appointments and Career

Chief Executive/Director of Manx based Investment Holding company with UK subsidiary.

Commercial Pilot and Instructor (ex-Examiner)

Chairman of Isle of Man Regional Committee of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Vice Chairman of UK AOPA.

AOPA Instructor Committee Chairmanbluesky250

Board Member of the Royal Aero Club 3R’s (representing the Isle of Man)

Member of the Association of Manx Pilots (AMP)

Fellow of the Land Institute.

Fellow of the National Association of Estate Agents.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Fellow of the Corporation of Estate Agents.

Member of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) General Aviation Consultative Committee (GACC)

Board Member of CAA’s General Aviation Accident Review Board (GASWRG)

Liveryman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators.

World Record Coordinator (UK) for the Federation Aeronautical International (FAI)

Chairman of the Royal Aero Club Records Racing & Rally Association 2007-2010

Royal Aero Club Council Member

Airprox Board (NATS) member

German Commissioner, Vice Chairman 2012

German Commissioner, Chairman 2013

German Commissioner 2012 – 2015

MHK Glenfaba 2015 – 2016

MHK Glenfaba & Peel 2016 –